You can place bets on various markets within a match.

Odds are displayed in decimal format, and are calculated by:

  • Multiplying your unit stake by your odds
  • e.g. £1 staked at 4.90 returns you £4.90

Your bet is then aggregated into a single pool along with all other bets on that match.

The odds on display are estimated until the pool closes.

When the match kicks off, the pool closes and the final odds are calculated.

Your final odds will be displayed in your bet history once the pool closes.

Our new PriceMatch feature is designed to allow you to bet at the odds you want. Place a bet of £10 or more, and you get to choose your odds:

If the Final Odds are higher than your choice of odds then your bet gets placed into the pool and you get the higher odds - guaranteed

If the Final Odds are lower than your PriceMatch odds then your bet will not be included in the pool and your money will be refunded.

Once you have added your £10 stake, a tick box will appear for you to select PriceMatch, and then you can alter your odds from here